Bellerina’s Secret Hold Ups and Stockings Australia

Bellerina’s secret

Bellerina’s secret

We truly appreciate your business, and we’re so grateful for the trust you’ve placed in us. For eight years Bellerina’s secret products have been sold in many Western European countries : France, Germany, England, Italy. They are also available in the USA, Canada, Dubai, Tokyo...and now Australia

During production we use special and exclusive yarns.

The best quality

Lycra aka Spandex is a synthetic fiber that was invented in 1958 by Joseph Shivers at DuPont’s Benger Laboratory. Lycra is a registered trademark of Invista (formerly part of DuPont).
Spandex is known for its exceptional elasticity and ability to stretch. In comparison with threads produced from natural rubber it has 2-3 times more of a breaking strength and that’s why it is very durable.
During production we use only the original Lycra of the best quality.
It is produced for us to order in one of the oldest Italian factories with over 100 years of experience.


Mass-dyed intense carbon black microfiber amazingly pleasant to the touch

Give your legs elegancy in a luxurious edition
During production of our tights we use mass-dyed black microfiber which reflects light giving the matte effect of a carbon black. Thanks to that effect legs seem to be longer and slimmer.
Your legs play the main role
Extraordinary matte effect of the classic opaque blackness as the symbol of a good taste and your elegancy.

The blackness is a mystery: let it make you be fascinating, irresistible, attractive.


Bellerina’s secret: Stockings that smell beautiful

The smell – it usually occurs unexpectedly and it seduces with its scent. It surprises, just like our tights and stockings. They are like sensual perfumes that enfold woman’s legs. You will feel beautiful, confident and very feminine.


Ballerina’s Secret: Stockings that are unique to the touch

Touch is safety, warmth, the feeling of comfort. Touch is sensuality and pleasure. Our skin is the link to the world and that is why it’s important to wear clothes that are delicate and pleasant to it. Tights designed by us will enfold your skin like a mist and make you feel good and comfortable

Treat youself to a pair of stockings or hold ups

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