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Obsessive Lingerie

Obsessive Lingerie 

Obsessive is more than just a lingerie brand. It’s a response to the needs of women and a tribute to their femininity. Through our elegant, sexy and even seductive patternmaking we inspire, support and stimulate to act! We want to say it loud and proud that each woman is important and attractive. We want to make women fall in love with their own bodies, so that they’re not intimidated to choose bold lingerie, most importantly for themselves, and so that they can feel special even during everyday activities…

Regardless of where you live, who you are, how old you are and what size you wear. Remember that you can feel wonderful, sexy and attractive. Choose Obsessive lingerie and cherish your femininity!

Who Is Passion Lingerie

Obsessive is a Polish brand of sensual, sexy and elegant lingerie for women. The company was founded 15 years ago. Currently, our products are well known across almost all continents. Thanks to our international partners, they can be purchased in over 60 countries – from Italy to the United Arab Emirates. In Poland, Obsessive is available in as many as 700 partner stores.

We are staying up to date with the current trends and opening up to new sales markets. We are present on online marketplaces such as Allegro and Amazon.

The brand was created with couples in mind. The mission that the Obsessive founders were going by at the time concentrated on the guarantee of a hot atmosphere in the bedroom and drawing pleasure from being together. They went for fighting boredom and routine, and it was precisely that which won them the hearts of couples around the world.

However, a lot has changed over the 15-year period. Women have started speaking out more about themselves and their needs, and Obsessive has always tried to address those. It’s Women who are our inspiration for further growth and it’s them that we want to continue creating the future world of Obsessive with.

Changing the appearance of our website and way of communication, a softer image in the media, and a more toned down way of presenting our products – it’s all for you dear Ladies. And gentlemen? – well, we are currently preparing a men’s collection, and since Obsessive’s women’s lingerie will always continue to encourage breaking barriers, we know that you will like these ideas as well… 

Obsessive Lingerie Australia - My Temptations Adult Lingerie Store

The Birth Of Obsessive

Agnieszka and Tomek Szpila – it was them who in 2006 brought Obsessive into existence. A brand of feminine and very sexy lingerie, now recognized on nearly all continents.

It was precisely the history of their relationship that became the inspiration for creating lingerie that would set out to fight routine and boredom in the bedroom. It was thanks to the incredible passion, knowledge and hard work of Agnieszka and Tomek that within merely a couple of years this family brand founded in Czaniec in Poland’s Podbeskidzie region, became a brand known to lovers of beautiful lingerie around the world

The Command Centre 

Obsessive’s command centre is located in Czaniec – a charming small town with a view of the mountains. It’s from here that Obsessive packages embark on their journeys to the most distant corners of the world. We ship them to over 60 countries across the globe.

It’s always the seat of our boutique that we kindly invite you to visit.

The boutique is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 16.00.

obsessive lingerie

Above All - Quality

From the very inception of Obsessive, we have been paying utmost attention both to design as well as perfect quality. Designed in Poland, the collections are made from the best, carefully selected materials. Delicate lace, pleasant satin and unique knitted weaves used in our bodystockings are top shelf in the category of women’s lingerie.

In the Obsessive designs, appearance goes hand in hand with comfort, which is a great advantage of our sets.

Here, each product goes through a double quality control procedure. Kasia, Ania, Renata… all of them put in their best effort to make sure the lingerie is thoroughly checked and perfectly packaged.


Obsessive Is More Than Just Sexy Lingerie

The wide offer of Obsessive will meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. The collection includes elegant and classic chemises and babydolls, frivolous corsets, lace teddies and sexy robes that stimulate the imagination.

To combat boredom, we also have fanciful outfits that will help you play particular roles in the bedroom. Most of the designs are available in sizes from S to XL, so that each woman can find a perfectly fitting product for herself.

Obsessive Lingerie

Thats Not All....

What else can you find in the Obsessive offer that you may not even expect?

Swimwear – unconventional swimwear for women who like to attract attention.

A series of cosmetics with pheromones – a real bestseller on the Polish market. Sensual perfumes and bath bombs make an excellent addition to lingerie, emphasizing its assets and enhancing pleasant sensations.

Sensual accessories – naughty crops, face masks, body jewellery and seductive harnesses. These are gadgets for those who wish to overcome barriers or just have a good time in the bedroom!

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