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Yummy AF Oral Pleasure Gel - Watermelon

Yummy AF Oral Pleasure Gel - Watermelon

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Yummy AF Oral Pleasure Gel - Watermelon

Yummy AF flavoured oral pleasure gel has a hint of flavour and slickness that makes oral sex a tasty and fun treat.

Surprise your partner today with all four flavours, blueberry, cupcake, strawberry and watermelon.

This yummy gel will enhance your oral pleasure!

Use this product by applying directly to the erotic zone using the hands or mouth.

Once applied the gel will have a warming effect when blown on and enhance the experience for the receiver.

  • Indulge in the tantalizing taste of our Yummy AF flavoured oral pleasure gel, crafted to add a delicious twist to intimate moments.
  • Experience a delightful blend of flavor and slickness, making oral sex an irresistibly tasty and playful adventure.
  • Treat your partner to a sensory journey with our range of four mouthwatering flavors: blueberry, cupcake, strawberry, and watermelon.
  • Elevate your oral pleasure with this delectable gel, designed to heighten sensations and create unforgettable experiences.
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