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How To Store Your Lingerie

How To Store Your Lingerie...

If you've taken the time to hand wash and dry your sexy underwear, it's a good idea to spend an extra couple of minutes putting it away properly, too.

In fact, you can extend the life of your lingerie with a few tweaks to how you store your pieces.

How to store your lingerie is purely a personal choice and what works best for you may not work well for someone else.
Additionally, you may be limited by physical constraints, like the type of storage available to you. 
Here's a few ideas that you might be able to use: 
  1. Have a sort through your Lingerie collection. Throw away items that are stretched, have holes in or seen better days so that when you are getting dressed for a session, you aren't wasting your time with outfits that are no go 
  2. Hang up where possible. Items such as Basques, Corsets and Teddies are better to hang than have laying in amongst each other. Nonslip hangers and hangers with slots are great to use. Skirt/Trousers are the best options for strapless items such as Basques 
  3. Store matching sets together. You have put time into dressing in a super sexy three piece, just not to be able to find the last piece. Not what you want when getting in the mood! 
  4. Use drawers or lingerie storage pouches to separate out your items. Hold -Ups in one spot, stockings in another, body stockings separate again. 
  5. Use bags that the manufacture includes. Some Lingerie comes with beautiful storage bags, use them to avoid snagging from another item
  6. Keep Bra and hook and eye closures done up. Avoid snagging the sexy lace or fishnet with a clasp from your bra
  7. If you don't have space in your closet then use a basket. Cloth lined is best to avoid any snagging. Try to stack in the basket so you can see your options without having to rummage through your whole collection
  8. Sort into moods, colours or seasons. Want that Sexy Red Lingerie Set for their Birthday treat or Crotchless Tights for Date Night? Know exactly where they are in your collection



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