Collection: Playful

Explore the more Playful side of life with this luxurious new collection of exquisite rechargeable, sublime silicone products designed for your ultimate pleasure and  satisfaction.


Playful is a sex toy brand that’s brimming with elegance. A line that not only makes irresistible pleasure products for both him and her, but also a few cheeky items that are lined with diamond-like patterns, creating a luxurious aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a majestic-looking sex toy that’s also powerfully orgasm-inducing, a Playful treat or two is something you simply must have in your pleasure treasure chest. 

Take a walk on the self-indulgent side with Playful sex toys , you deserve it! 

What Playful Sex Toy Are You Looking for Today?

In this line of Playful sex toys , you can expect to find a plethera of gems that’ll kick up your solo or partnered play time routine. 


Choose from rabbit-style vibrators, G-spot massagers and wand massagers, bullet vibes, vibrating panties, or prostate massagers, cock rings, masturbation strokers, and fetish kits. Each playful sex toy holds its own unique charm and sense of grandeur.

Playful Rabbit-Style Vibrator Sex Toys

Take pleasure into your own hands with these Playful rabbit-style vibrators. For a blissful blended orgasm, and a feeling of delicious satisfaction, find your favourite and transport yourself into climatic euphoria.


The Playful Allure Rabbit Vibrator is gorgeously ribbed for extra stimulation, and allows you to tease and tantalise the clitoris and the G-spot, simultaneously! Slide through all of the 8 vibration patterns and experience a new kind of delight. 


Or why not consider the Playful Lustre Flame Rabbit Vibrator and Double Penetrator ? An out-of-this-world pleasure product that looks like a million bucks and works like a dream. It has two vibrating tips for even more power, and a multi-coloured LED light, creating an extra bit of fun in the dark.


We also love the Playful Soft Rabbit Vibrato  which has been carefully-crafted to target all of your most intimate zones. Its smaller head is meticulously shaped like a tongue, ready to twirl on your clitoris, while the bigger head is ribbed for a delicious G-spot climax.


And of course we couldn’t not mention Playful’s diamond-like pleasure products! The Playful Diamonds the Dutchess Rotating Beaded Rabbit Vibe has a gorgeous exterior with a diamond-textured grip and rotating beads that work seamlessly, causing you to float in a cloud of satisfaction. 


And the Playful Diamonds the Queen G-Spot Rabbit Vibe is equally as saucy, similar to that of the Dutchess, sans the rotation beads.

Playful Wand Vibrator Sex Toys

Magic at your fingertips with the Playful Diamonds the Emperor Wand Massager . A superior pleasure product that’s curved for more intimate massages, and ribbed with a diamond-like exterior. 


This cheeky sex toy is ready to go on all kinds of adventures with you! The only question now is: are you ready? 

Playful Vibrator Sex Toys

As far as vibrators go, the Playful Inya Twist Vibe takes the cake. It not only buzzes and shivers with delight, but also has a rotating and flexible shaft so you can twist and turn as you desire to reach your peak. 


Carefully ribbed, there’s a real sense of sexual excitement and eroticism with this Playful pleasure product. 

Playful Bullet Vibrator Sex Toys

Fancy something that’s petite yet powerful? Playful has a line of bullet vibrators that are adorable-looking! But don’t be fooled by their cute appearance… they’re definitely ready to jolt you into climax whenever you need a pick-me-up. 


The Playful Diamonds the Dame Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator is beautifully-designed in Playful’s signature diamond style, and has a more rounded tip to tantalise your favourite sweet spots. 


Then there’s the Playful Diamonds the Princess Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator ! This pleasure product has a lipstick-like tip for targeted play, is made of smooth silicone, yet also has diamond-like grooves in the handle, making it an orgasm-inducing and gorgeous-looking toy.

Playful Vibrating Panty Sex Toys

Can you keep a secret? Even if it’s so deliciously cheeky? Then you simply must try the Playful Diamonds the Lady Panty Vibrator 


This triangular-shaped beauty fits effortlessly inside the included lace panty and works by stimulating your clitoris on-the-go. Now you can go for a stroll, visit the cinema, or enjoy date night with a little secret nestled on your sweet spot! Do you dare?

Playful G-Spot Vibrator Sex Toys

Caresses your G-spot with the Playful Soft Seduce G-Spot Vibrator . It’s a smooth and sophisticated number with 10 different vibration patterns, and a slightly bulbous tip, ready to create a stir of uninhibited sexual happiness. 

Playful Rechargeable Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg

Small yet mighty, we love the Playful Diamonds the Majesty Rechargeable Egg with Remote Control . Decorated in sleek black and gold, this petite piece of luxury is perfectly-contoured to fit your beautiful body while you slip away into a pleasure-induced bubble of ecstasy. 


Enjoy it during solo self-care or have your partner take the reins for a new and adventurous foreplay adventure.

Playful Prostate Massager Sex Toys

Do you want to experience even bigger and stronger orgasms, different to what you’re used to? The Playful Buddy Prostate Vibe has curves in all the right places, and slips into your sweet spot effortlessly to stimulate and delight your prostate. 


At the same time, the smooth second motor teases your perineum, giving you that extra touch of sensational pleasure.

Playful Fetish Sex Toy Sets

Escape the ordinary and enjoy a touch of fetish with Playful and their line of fetish-inspired sex toy sets. 


The Playful Diamonds the Royal Tease 3-Piece Fetish Kit is your new favourite collection for a bit of cheeky play time. It contains a soft blindfold, a wide spanking paddle, and sleek wrist cuffs that are adjustable for comfort. 


Or why not take it to the next level with the Playful Diamonds the Royal Bedroom 6-Piece Fetish Kit ? This gorgeous play collection comes with a velvety blindfold, a teasingly naughty flogger, a wide paddle, wrist/ankle cuffs, and a soft collar with a lead. A kit ready to take you from black and white to all kinds of colourful bliss.

Playful Cock Ring Sex Toys

Gentlemen, the Playful Diamond the Prince Rechargeable Ring is the perfect way to enhance your bedroom fun or to experience even better solo sessions. 


It’s a flexible ring, comfortable, and designed with diamond-like patterns that tease your partner’s clitoris during sex. It’s also 100 percent waterproof, so you can take it with you for some steamy shower fun if you fancy!

Playful Kegel Training Sets

Using the Playful Diamonds Weighted Training Kegel Set to get started in pelvic floor exercises is the first step to achieving stronger orgasms! 


This set comes with six balls, all of different weights, so you can work your way up at your own pace. Feel the elegant soft silicone against you, and reap all the delicious benefits.

Playful Stroker Sex Toy

Add a playful touch of pleasure to your masturbation routine with the Playful Nero Beat Rechargeable Warming Stroker . This sleeve has a ribbed interior that enhances your bliss tenfold, is easy to hold, has 9 different vibration modes, and a warming function for even more erotic bliss!