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Tips to choose the perfect Plus Size Lingerie

Tips to choose the perfect Plus Size Lingerie


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Beautiful lingerie raises the self-esteem of any woman, but finding the perfect lingerie is not easy. Women who wear plus size lingerie struggle a lot with this dilemma: how to best combine delicacy, sensuality, comfort and support with their accurate body measurements.

In our society, there is still a very big taboo regarding weight and measurements of plus size women.

So, to break that taboo, we have prepared some important suggestions to make it easier for women who wear large sizes to choose the perfect plus size underwear! Remember: all women are beautiful regardless of the size they wear.



Get the right Plus Size Lingerie


Our main suggestion for those who are looking to buy plus size lingerie is to make sure to get the right size. And the right size is the one that matches your body. Be sure to always check the size guide in order to avoid any errors.

Be in sync with your body and own your curves. There is a wide variety of plus size models that will make you experience love at first sight.


Plus Size Mini Dress




Prioritize comfort in your Plus Size Lingerie


Women's underwear is the lingerie piece that accompanies the woman's day-to-day life, so it is essential that it is comfortable.

And, to feel good all day long, look for women's lingerie pieces with wider sides, such as a reinforced plus size bra and underwear with higher waistlines to keep everything in the right place, while still being sexy.


Plus Size Bodystocking Lingerie




Don’t be afraid to be bold!


When someone looks for lingerie for curvy women, they often find more traditional and very classic models. But, the time has come to break this protocol, have the courage to dare and venture into a different plus size lingerie. Venture into a sexy model, make the most of lace, silk or sheer materials. Opt, for example, for a plus size bodysuit!



Seven Til Midnight Radiance Teddy





Pay attention to the support of Plus Size Lingerie


A detail that must be taken into account when purchasing lingerie for plus size women is the support, either for health or comfort reasons.

Curvy women usually have a broader chest and back. In this case, it is essential to choose a wide strap bra, with wider sides and reinforcement in the chest area, for better support and comfort.

The same applies to panties. For day-to-day, the ideal ones are those with broader sides, which provide more security to the hips and backside. For the most sexy nights, opt for those made of lace or even a thong model.


Seven Til Midnight Two Piece Plus Size Cami Set




Last tip to choose Plus Size Underwear


The golden rule: wear the plus size lingerie that makes you happy and makes you comfortable, as you will spend a large part of the day with this piece of women's underwear. So choose the one that makes you feel beautiful, confident and powerful!



Know where to buy Plus Size Lingerie


Choosing a large size lingerie is easy, with some tips you can find a model that is comfortable and sexy at the same time, that shapes the silhouette and that leaves any woman with high self-esteem!

Dimari Lingerie is the right place to buy plus size underwear. At the online store you will find the finest women's lingerie for all styles and sizes. Check out our plus size lingerie models and surprise yourself!

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