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Red Stockings - Ahuva - 20 DEN Red

Red Stockings - Ahuva - 20 DEN Red

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LivCo Corsetti Ahuva Red Stockings!

Every lady should own at least one pair of stockings. These LivCo Corsetti Ahuva Red Stockings are an absolute must for those who are pleased to wear some seductive stockings.

Sensuous stockings with a beautiful patterned top. Smart matte finish, sheer leg, and invisibly reinforced toe portion for elegance. Exclusive, matte stockings for the belt, decorated with a slender stripe on the back of the leg. Top stylishly finished with a lace print.

The classic design is timeless and easy to combine with various outfits. The wide lace top provides a sensual twist and makes sure the stockings stay in place. Are you ready to seduce?

In these sexy stockings, you will feel your seductive power increase! Reveal it to your beloved. Put on these little wonders, add high heels and... enjoy the delicious evening that is available to you!


  • Made In Poland.
  • Thickness 20 DEN.
  • Composition: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane.
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