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Fantasy C-ringz Ironman Duo Ring

Fantasy C-ringz Ironman Duo Ring

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Fantasy C-ringz Ironman Duo Ring

When you're looking for iron clad hard-ons, superhero stamina, and rock hard results, the Fantasy C-ringz Ironman Duo-Ring is the ultimate weapon to combat poor performance and give you that extra edge. Made from our super-stretchy TPR, this two-ring arouser was designed to give you the most intense, most explosive ejaculations ever! 

The Ironman Duo-Ring can be worn several different ways. Wrap the big ring around your whole package while the bottom ring runs under your balls, cradling your sack and separating each testicle! You can also stretch the lower ring and pull your balls through it. With your bulging balls on display for everyone to admire, you'll raise more than just a few eyebrows!

Any way you wear it, the super tight squeeze will feel incredible and have you performing like a pro! Climaxes will never be the same again!

Features & Benefits

  • Look Bigger, Get Harder and Last Longer
  • Cock & Ball Duo-Ring
  • Comfortable, Super Stretchy TPR
  • For Beginner and Advanced Users


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