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Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Massager - Pink

Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Massager - Pink

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Lelo Sona Cruise 2 Clitoral Sonic Massager - Pink

LELO SONA Cruise 2 Clitoral Massager is the next generation of the biggest step forward in pleasure in the past decade. Our customers asked, and we answered.

Just when you thought your orgasm couldn’t get any better - SONA Cruise 2 is here.

SenSonic: the softer silicone has been specifically engineered to absorb some of the sonic waves and transmit them back into your body, around the clitoris, for deeper but gentler sensation.

In other words, the silicone itself is engineered to respond to the waves and pulses to provide extra stimulation at the surface of the skin, as well as beyond.

For most women, sexual pleasure is as much about the journey as the destination. LELO SONACruise 2 stimulates the entire clitoris - even the parts you don't see - with an eager, fluttering sonic hum, for a different kind of orgasm produced by the gentle deep-tissue massage of sonic waves.

It's a prolonged climax after a sensual build-up, an orgasm that comes from somewhere deep within you. What's more, Cruise Control keeps your pleasure exactly right!

What Is Cruise Control?

For the first time ever, the technology that has for years been synonymous with sports cars comes to your sex toys! Specially developed by LELO and exclusive to SONA Cruise, Cruise Control means that when it’s pressed hard against your body it won’t drop its power so that you get a perfectly consistent, hassle-free experience. It’s not a setting, it’s completely automatic, and it eliminates the single most common complaint against pleasure products.

LELO SONA Cruise 2 Features

LELO SONA Cruise 2 is a sonic clitoral massager. That means it doesn’t rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy. Instead, it uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris – not just the external part you can see and touch.

LELO SONA Cruise 2 features eight different and intensely pleasurable settings, so you can find the perfect sensation for you. The interface has been redesigned too, making the buttons so easy you can use them with your eyes closed. And you will.

LELO SONA Cruise 2 is 100% waterproof. So if you like pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, your chariot has arrived. It also makes it super easy to clean. SONA Cruise is made from a single piece of silicone, and this one-piece design keeps it watertight – even at the charging socket. Perfect for the bath, shower or hot tub.

  • Softer Sonic Waves
  • Wider range of sonic intensities
  • Deeper & larger mouth head
  • 2X battery life with more than 200 orgasms per charge
  • Also available in Black


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