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Nexus Forge Single Lasso Penis Ring

Nexus Forge Single Lasso Penis Ring

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Nexus Forge Single Lasso Penis Ring

Introducing NEXUS Forge Single Lasso Penis Ring – the hottest new cock ring on the market. Want to make your erections stronger for longer?

Then this silicone adjustable cock ring is exactly what you need! Lightweight and comfortable, it can be easily adjusted using the ‘slide to fit’ toggle – no more fiddling with inconveniently tight bands.

Crafted from slim quality silicone, NEXUS Forge will feel like it’s barely there – leaving you to focus on enjoying what promises to be a wild ride!

Ready for hours of bedroom fun, there's no need to worry about performance when wearing this effective pump-up tool - customise your fit with ease and you'll be ready to go in no time!

Results may vary but we know NEXUS Forge will not disappoint.

What are you waiting for? Let's get sexy together and unleash your inner power - take charge like never before and treat yourself with an experience you won't forget.

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