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Penthouse Lingerie

Penthouse Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress Black

Penthouse Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress Black

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Penthouse Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress Black

Step into a night of pure allure and sophistication with the Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress in captivating black, available in sizes S to L. This exquisite mini dress is the epitome of seduction, featuring a high-neck design with a thick bottom band for a chic and stylish look.

Key Features:

1. Alluring Fishnet Mini Dress: The Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress boasts an alternating fine and coarse fishnet pattern that creates a playful yet elegant stripe-like design. Embrace the allure of fishnet that adds a touch of sensuality to your ensemble.

2. Seductive Lace Neckline: This mini dress is adorned with a lace halter neck that conjures up a seductive back neckline, adding a touch of sophistication to your appearance. Embrace the allure of lace that enhances the overall elegance of the dress.

3. Semi-Transparent Design: Thanks to the semi-transparent design, this mini dress allows for tantalizing glimpses of your treasures, leaving a hint of mystery and excitement. Create an air of seduction with this captivating and semi-revealing dress.

4. Flexible and Flattering Fit: Made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, this mini dress features flexible materials that fit snugly in all the right places, hugging your curves and emphasizing your silhouette. Embrace lingerie that celebrates your beauty and empowers your confidence.

Step into the spotlight of desire and embrace the transformative power of the Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress in black. Whether you're planning an intimate night in or heading out for a special occasion, this exquisite mini dress promises to make you feel irresistibly alluring and ready to embrace the excitement of the night.

Note: Make sure to refer to the sizing guide to find the perfect fit for you. Enjoy the sensation of fishnet against your skin, and let this mini dress be your secret weapon of seduction. Create moments of passion and allure that are as unforgettable as they are alluring, with the Epic Night High Neck Mini Dress. Embrace your sensuality and confidently showcase your beauty with this exquisite dress, designed to make your night truly epic.

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