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Seven Creations

Vibrating Vagina Pump

Vibrating Vagina Pump

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Vibrating Vagina Pump

Introducing the Seven Creations Vibrating Vagina Pump – your ticket to unparalleled pleasure! Wave goodbye to the mundane and welcome astonishing sensations. This pump elevates your experience, giving you complete control. Pump up to your perfect level of pressure for a fully tailored thrill.

What’s the magic behind this sensational tool? The clever vacuum pressure zeroes in on your clitoris and labia, boosting blood flow and heightening sensitivity. Get ready for a surge of pleasure as your vaginal lips plump up and your clitoris pulses with excitement.

We've prioritized your comfort with a thoughtfully designed cup. A larger knob protects your sensitive areas from excess suction, while a smaller knob provides precise stimulation to your clitoris. The cup’s edge is crafted from top-quality silicone for a snug, gentle fit.

Enhance your adventure with a water-based lubricant for smoothness and a secure seal, ensuring an effective pump session and preserving the silicone quality for prolonged use.

Dive into the delights of this gadget with its 7 vibration settings, allowing you to fine-tune the intensity to your liking. Crafted from premium silicone and ABS plastic, this Vibrating Vagina Pump is built for durability with a sleek, smooth feel.

No need to scramble for batteries – it comes with a battery case for 3 LR44 batteries, included and ready for action.

Whether you’re enhancing pleasure with a partner or enjoying some incredible solo time, the Seven Creations Vibrating Vagina Pump is your go-to for reaching new peaks of ecstasy. Elevate your pleasure portfolio with this unmatched pleasure enhancer and feel bliss like never before!

  • 7 controlled vibration intensity programs
  • Made of Silicone and ABS plastic material
  • Battery case for 3 LR44 batteries (Included)
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